Fast allergy relief at the onset of symptoms
Acts 5x faster* than hay fever tablets

Do you ever feel like your hay fever symptoms get worse over time?

Prevalin Allergy Plus could help.

The first product of its kind, Prevalin Allergy Plus has a unique double action formula that provides fast relief at the onset of symptoms, getting to work in just three minutes (that’s five times faster than hay fever tablets*) and reduces sensitivity to allergens.1-4

Like all products in the Prevalin Allergy range, Prevalin Allergy Plus is drug- and steroid- free and is suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Why Prevalin Allergy Plus?

Allergies can get worse from year to year or within the season because, as time goes by, a person’s immune system can become more sensitive to allergens.6

This means that later in the hay fever season symptoms can be caused by a smaller amount of pollen than they would at the start. Likewise, the same amount of pollen might cause a much stronger reaction.7-9

How does it work?

Prevalin Allergy Plus contains a unique therapeutic oil that acts as a mast cell stabiliser and blocks the release of histamine (the chemical that causes allergic reactions).

In blocking the release of histamine, Prevalin Allergy Plus can help reduce your sensitivity to allergens so you can enjoy the summer like you used to.1-4

Want to know more? Watch our video to find out how Prevalin Allergy Plus could help you.


Prevalin Allergy Plus is available in a one month supply for adults and children over 12 years, and can be found in most major retailers and pharmacies nationwide. RRP £11.99.**

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Unique Thixotropic Formula

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