The next generation of hay fever treatment
Are You missing out because of Your symptoms?

You are not alone: at least 1 in 4 people in the UK and Ireland
is suffering from hay fever or allergic rhinitis1.

And the problem is getting worse, as research indicates that prevalence
rates are increasing annually2 because of:

  • Pollution
  • Climate changes
  • Changes in hygiene, diet and drug use
Don't underestimate the impact
A recent study3 of Irish hay fever sufferers revealed that 88% experience symptoms typically during the summer, while allergies to animal dander, mould and dust affect 1 in 4 all year round.:


A third of Irish hay fever sufferers miss out on outdoor exercise
and 1 in 5 avoids going out altogether when the pollen count is high.


50% of Irish sufferers say that their hay fever symptoms
impact their working life.


1 in 10 say their condition has impacted their sex or love life and
half of participants aged 25-34 feel unattractive when experiencing

The average season for hay fever sufferers is now over 30 days long.

1. Björkstén et al., 2008
2. The Hay Fever Health Report, 2009
3. Empathy Research 2011